Transparency is key to cherishing your treasures.

Each finely handcrafted piece hosts a unique story. 

To ensure the best energy and intention the studio is incensed daily and saged after our practice. 

We focus on made-to-order pieces which means once you place your order, we start making. This method of work prevents overproduction and excess stock, both which are harmful to the environment. However, this means longer production time, which can be between 1-2 weeks before they're sent to you. Please let us know if you require it sooner. 

Our materials are ethically sourced or upcycled to offer conscious and delicate pieces that are made in-studio or in-collaboration with artisans specializing in traditional jewelry techniques.  

We do not subscribe to seasonal trends. Our collection is timeless and ethereal. 

Please be mindful due to the nature of handmade, no two items will look identical. Slight variations, modifications, and details whether in shape or size may be present. 

While we limit our collection to gold-filled and high quality gold-plating solely to ensure affordability, in the future we have plans to expand to solid gold pieces. 

To reduce our ecological footprint, all of our packaging is either recyclable, reuseable, or biodegradable.