By Way of the Almighty 

In the genesis of the modern epoch, scientific rationalism inexorably supplanted venerable beliefs, customs, cultural and religious traditions, as well as salubrious practices once cardinal to societal harmony. With the advent of mechanization, uniformity began to eclipse the artisan's touch. Consequently, through a process of desacralization, erstwhile grounding activities that tethered our progenitors to the earth, facilitating the amalgamation of body, soul, and spirit, were discarded or obliterated. Yet, even a century on, the resilience of the human spirit remains indomitable. Amidst formidable constraints and adverse circumstances, we find ourselves reverting to holistic ways of life and creation, endeavoring to rehabilitate our world, rejuvenate our communities, and reconcile with existential verity.

Atelier Turiya materialized from an intricate labyrinth of recurring dreams in early 2020. Months later, this enterprise embarked on a journey to elucidate our position in a significant cosmos through storytelling, masterful craftsmanship, and ancient sagacity. Sourcing inspiration from a rich tableau of dreams, quantum physics, surrealism, nature, astrology, music, and folklore, we design emblematic pieces aiming to augment serendipity, protection, and aesthetic appeal in your life. Our mindful and artistic manifestations strive to bolster your inner realm, tangible experiences, and cognitive faculties, utilizing sustainable and superior materials. Each order, infused with a distinct energy, is meticulously purified before dispatch, paving the way for you to resonate with and activate the inherent vibrancy.

The name of our studio, Turiya ~4th, has roots in Vedanta philosophy, embodying the concept of supreme consciousness. Turiya is described as the fourth state of consciousness that exists behind the scenes of the more familiar states of waking, dreaming, and deep sleep. Turiya is akin to a state of profound tranquility, a serene backdrop that underlies and transcends our usual waking, dreaming, and sleeping states. In this state, we experience unparalleled bliss.

Every unique treasure you procure from us is crafted with meticulous intention, sheer love, and the ethereal luminescence of moonlight - all nestled within a serene yet enigmatic alcove of Brooklyn, New York.